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Plastiss offers, upen demand, the Sécuriplas product range classified M2, M1or M0, to meet the requirements of the public furniture and automotive sectors.

what is the M1 french standard is an added value for the user’s safety, with the same quality and appearance. it is a classification that defines the response of materiel to fire; this classification is divided into five categories ranging from M0 to M4. the lower the number that the M0 category made of coated fabric is just as fireproof resistant as glass or cement.

our range of products Sécuriplashas already proven itself with the most demanding users in the furniture business.

Here is the official fire classification for coated fabrics:

M0: non combustible

M1: not flammable

M2: hardly flammable


Plastiss has a laboratory which produces and controls annually more than a thousand of samples that are prepared depending on the market demand.Our laboratory has a decisive role in supporting the development projects of our