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Plastiss has been specialized in the synthetic leather production for over 30 years. Since its beginning in 1969 in Tunis, Plastiss has been focusing on the development of different models of synthetic leather, designed for the furniture, clothing, fancy leather and automobile sectors. Since customer satisfaction is the main concern of our organization, a quality management system has been developed and Plastiss obtained the edition 1999 of ISO

Our business

Coating provides fabrics protection against liquids, stains, depositing on a textile backing a mixture containing P.V.C resin, acrylic resin, polyurethane... that is gelled or reticled in ovens. this treatment also helps to strengthen the textile backing and to modify its touch. this fabric, once coated, may be embossed to give it different aspects ( matte, glossy, imitation


Plastiss has a laboratory which produces and controls annually more than a thousand of samples that are prepared depending on the market demand.Our laboratory has a decisive role in supporting the development projects of our