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provider for coated fabrics

Manufacture and sale

Plastiss has been specialized in the synthetic leather production for over 30 years. Since its beginning in 1969 in Tunis, Plastiss has been focusing on the development of different models of synthetic leather, designed for the furniture, clothing, fancy leather and automobile sectors.

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years of experience in the quality industry


developed products


international markets (Italy, France, Greece, Libya, Algeria, Portugal …)


Our very wide range of synthetic leather has been used by the specialists of furniture for both private and collective use (cafés, hotels, restaurants, offices)
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Plastiss offers a wide range of synthetic leather for the professionals of the footwear industry that comply with the requirements of the sector in terms of tear resistance, flexural strength and resistance to negative cold (up to - 23°C) for safety shoes.
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We design and develop highly technical coated supports for the interior coverings of an automobile : Gap hider, door panels, seats, roof covering, steering wheel and armrest
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We produce synthetic leather for all clothing items: jacket, skirt, pants... Soft and washable, our synthetic leather is either 100% PU or a mixture of PU / PVC with thicknesses varying from 0.4 mm to 0.7 mm depending on technical requirements.
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Technical fabric

Plastiss offers waterproof, washable and printable technical coated fabrics with protective properties against fire, high UV, bacteria and chemicals.
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Leather goods

From prestigious leather goods to small upholstery artisans, we know how to meet your requirements in terms of suppleness and quality with thicknesses vary from 0.9 mm to 2 mm. We use various backing fabrics
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Flame lamination

Using polyurethane foam, Plastiss laminate materials up to a width of 200 cm and 20 mm thickness on a modern flame lamination machine.
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Quality policy

We are committed to the continuous improvement and development of our quality management system to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
The strategic axes of our policy are as follows:

Consistently provide products and services that meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Master the manufacturing process by constantly upgrading the production equipment and the continuous developing our personnel as individuals and as a team.

Build good business partner relationship with our customers, suppliers and banks.

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